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The Benefits of CBD Coffee and How You Can Make it at Home

Kolas Hemp CBD Blog. The benefits of CBD coffee and how you can make it at home. Click to read more.

Every morning, most people start their day with a hot cup of coffee. The coffee is essential, and anyone who has missed out on their morning brew knows all about it. There's no better way to start your day. But just when you thought it couldn't get any better, CBD coffee became a thing.

Never heard of it? That's okay because CBD coffee is a relatively new trend. Here we discuss the benefits of combining CBD with caffeine and how to make this delicious drink from Home.

What is CBD coffee?

CBD coffee is essentially blending coffee with CBD to create a perfect combination that anyone could ever dream of. While mixing coffee with CBD is relatively new, people have been experimenting with coffee for some time now.

For example, a long time ago, someone thought of mixing coffee with chocolate to create a mochaccino. Or at cafes, you can also ask for a shot of vanilla or hazelnut syrup to go in your latte. You can even ask for different types of milk, such as soy, almond, or coconut milk. The Irish took the idea one step further and created Irish coffee, a blend of hot coffee, sugar, and whiskey.

Therefore, the next logical progression was combining coffee with CBD. Many people claim it's the best drink they've ever tried. So what is CBD coffee exactly?

CBD coffee is an edible food or drink product containing edible CBD. Many different edibles are on offer. You might already be familiar with baked brownies, chewy gummies, and an endless list of everyday products that can be infused with CBD.

CBD coffee is just like your regular cup of coffee, except it's been upgraded with CBD. The ingredients can be combined in several ways, and we'll go over them in further detail later.

Is it safe to mix CBD and caffeine?

While little scientific evidence as to whether this is safe is available, some coffee shops and cafes sell CBD coffee. In addition, many people have been drinking it daily, and coffee products infused with CBD are available for purchase.

The primary safety concerns would be driving or working while under the influence. So it might be wise to try CBD coffee when you plan on staying home for the day.

Users online advise that if you're trying this for the first time, proceed with caution. This is especially true when mixing THC and CBD with caffeine since these substances are classified as stimulants. Adverse side effects of caffeine or CBD are generally experienced with higher doses. While caffeine intoxication is rare, most cases that have been reported have been linked to excessive consumption of caffeine-containing energy supplements.

Overall, mixing CBD with coffee is safe when done responsibly. If you know your limits, then you can't go wrong.

What are the benefits of mixing CBD and coffee?

The benefits ultimately depend on what type of cannabinoids you use. For example, pure THC oil will have different effects than pure CBD oil. You can also combine both if you wish to, which will bring yet another experience.

Here are some of the benefits you can access from THC or CBD when you use each compound separately.

The benefits of THC include:

● reduced pain

● reduced inflammation

● reduced muscle tension

● reduced vomiting or nausea

● increased appetite

The benefits of CBD include:

● reduced pain

● reduced inflammation

● reduced muscle tension

● reduced vomiting or nausea

● reduced anxiety and stress

When mixing these compounds with caffeine or coffee, the effects of the THC or CBD reportedly don't change, but the effects of the caffeine are added. For example, some people report feeling relaxed and at ease while feeling awake and motivated when they mix CBD oil with their coffee.

But it requires some trial and error until you determine what works best for you.

How to mix CBD and coffee

Here's the part we've all been waiting for—how to mix coffee with CBD for the perfect morning brew. You might be surprised at how easy it is, and there are several methods you can use.

7 ways to mix CBD with coffee. 1 - Use CBD-infused coffee beans. 2 - Use CBD-infused sugar or sweetener. 3 - Add CBD-infused milk or coffee creamer. 4 - Add few drops of CBD oil. 5 - Keto coffee. 6 - Try barista-made coffee. 7 - Not a coffee fan? Add CBD oil to teas, smoothies, shakes and more.

Use infused coffee beans

If you like your coffee strong, then CBD-infused coffee beans are the way to go. All you need to do is grind the coffee beans and then use a French press, coffee filter paper, or a percolator to prepare your coffee.

The great thing about using coffee beans is that you get fresh coffee that smells great. Fresh coffee always has a good kick, and the taste is incredible.

Infused coffee beans come in a range of flavors and strengths. You can also get coffee beans infused with different strains of cannabis/hemp or with just THC or CBD extracts.

For the best effects, grind the coffee beans immediately before use. If you grind the beans and then store them, they lose their freshness.

Use CBD infused sugar or sweetener

If you like to switch your coffee routine up, the CBD-infused sugar or sweetener provides the perfect solution. You can have these products on standby and use them as required.

While CBD-infused coffee beans taste amazing, they aren't practical for everyday use. Hence, with the infused sugar or sweetener, you can decide when to add it to your coffee.

You're not limited to one type of coffee, either. For instance, you can add it to a brew you made with coffee beans, or if you're in a rush, you can add it to your instant coffee instead.

Besides using it for coffee, you can add it to your tea or hot chocolate.

Use CBD infused milk

CBD-infused milk is similar to infused sugar or sweetener. Again, you don't need to buy CBD-infused coffee, and you can add milk with CBD to your coffee instead.

If you prefer to make your own THC variations, canna milk, you can slowly cook the milk with THC or CBD flower over low heat. The process is relatively easy and can be done at home—and the results speak for themselves.

Some people prefer this option because it enables them to blend the milk with their favorite strain of CBD. In turn, this means their coffee becomes blended with that strain.

Add CBD oil to your coffee

Another simple way to incorporate cannabis/hemp extract into your coffee is by using THC, CBD, or hemp oil. All you need to do is add a few drops to your coffee and then stir.

While this process sounds straightforward, you can still experiment by adding different ratios of THC or CBD. Or you might decide that one morning you only need CBD, and you don't have to use THC if you prefer to go without.

Another good aspect of the drops is that you're not restricted to the same dose every day. So if you want to cut back one morning or add a little more, you can do so.

Keto coffee with CBD

You may have heard of another coffee trend known as keto coffee. This is a coffee that's higher in calories to replace the need for carbohydrates. The calories are increased by adding butter and coconut oil instead of milk.

With a few minor adjustments, you can use this recipe to make a CBD keto coffee. Switch the regular butter for cannabutter or hemp butter and the coconut oil for hemp seed oil. You have just made a keto coffee with CBD-infused ingredients.

Since these ingredients don't mix well with water, it's best to mix your CBD keto coffee in a blender. You get a smooth texture, and the elements are less likely to separate before you drink your coffee.

Get a barista-made coffee

Don't want to make your own coffee? That's okay because some cafes have CBD coffee on the menu.

However, suppose your favorite cafe doesn't have CBD coffee on the menu. In that case, you could buy a take-out coffee and add your own CBD oil or sugar to it instead. KOLAS Hemp Tinctures are the perfect way to enhance your day with a few drops!

Don't like coffee?

For some people, coffee doesn't taste good, and CBD coffee may not sound appealing. However, if you don't like coffee, you still have plenty of other beverages you could try instead. Try adding a few drops of KOLAS Hemp Tincture to your smoothie, energy drink, or sports drink!

For example, some teas are infused with CBD. You can find CBD health drinks or soft drinks too.

The bottom line

CBD coffee is an edible product that blends CBD with coffee. Many people use or buy CBD coffee daily, and they highly recommend this infusion. If you haven't tried it already, you can make it in your kitchen by using CBD-infused coffee beans or adding a few drops of KOLAS Hemp tincture to your preferred drinks.

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