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Kolas CBD Moods - Calm. Sedative, relaxing, stress release products.


Calm is our linalool dominant terpene class. One primary effect of linalool is its relieving and relaxing properties. Linalool may reduce the effects of stress which causes a shift in the distribution of white blood cells in the body, among other detrimental physiological effects over time. Linalool also has anti-inflammatory properties that potentially help with a number of ailments. Linalool’s relaxing floral flavor profile adds that extra bit of psychological calmness just through its pleasant taste.

Linalool Terpene Profile Hemp CBD


Terpene Profile Linalool

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1g CALM Hemp Preroll 

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Calm CBD Tincture Sedating


Calm CBD Tincture Relaxing


Calm CBD Tincture Creative Effect


Calm CBD Tincture For Focus


Calm CBD Tincture minimal energizing effect


Kolas CBD Products - Connect. Enhance your life!


CONNECT is our alpha and beta PINENE terpene superclass - with two molecular forms that help support health and ease the symptoms of a variety of conditions. Pinene can affect the body’s pain receptors to reduce discomfort from conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Pinene can reduce inflammation, which can depress the immune system and stress cells and tissues. Pinene can ease congestion and constriction in the lungs and bronchial areas, making breathing easier for people with asthma and other pulmonary conditions. Stimulate a healthy body with a fresh pine scent

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Connect CBD Tincture Sedating


Connect CBD Tincture relaxing effects


Connect CBD creative effects


Connect CBD energizing effects


Connect CBD euphoric effects


Create, Focus, Energize with Kolas Create CBD Products


CREATE is our Limonene terpene superclass. As you can imagine, Limonene smells like citrus: fresh and invigorating. It’s refreshing smell is commonly associated with stimulating properties which have powerful effects on mood (anti-depressant) . Limonene is a powerful anxiolytic agent (anti-anxiety) . Limonene essential oil has been found to improve mood disorders like anxiety and depression by increasing serotonin in the prefrontal cortex, and dopamine in the hippocampus. Mood-lifting with a fresh and invigorating citrus aroma.

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Kolas Create, CBD that doesn't put you out


Kolas Create, not to help you relax


Bye Bye ADHD, hello Kolas Create CBD


Maximum focus with our best selling cannibidol


Kolas Create, be who you want to be


Kolas CBD Cure Tincture Background Image


Cure is our Myrcene dominant terpene class. Myrcene is vital in the formation of other terpenes. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and has analgesic properties that suggest its therapeutic potential - increasing transdermal absorption and as an effective antimicrobial agent. Research has also shown Myrcene has powerful anti-catabolic effects in a human model of osteoarthritis. It has also shown to have protective effects against induced genotoxicity in human cells and has antimutagenic effects as well.

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Ease your pain with Kolas Cure CBD


relax with kolas cure


kolas cure - creative effect


minimal focus effects - Kolas Cure


minimal energizing effects for Kolas Cure CBD


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