Myrcene (Terpene)


Cosmetic / Ingestion Purposes:

Fragrance, Deodorant

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Myrcene (Terpene)

What does it do? What is it used for? Read further to learn how KOLAS Hemp uses this ingredient to compliment our CBD Hemp products.

in simple terms,

Myrcene is thought to be a powerful antibiotic, antimutagenic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and sedative.

Myrcene (Terpene)

How safe is 

Myrcene (Terpene)

Myrcene is rated a 5 of 10. This ingredient is considered moderate hazard. KOLAS Hemp only uses All-Natural ingredients in the formulation of our CBD Hemp products.

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Let's dive a little deeper...

KOLAS CURE is our Myrcene dominant terpene class. Myrcene is vital in the formation of other terpenes. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and has analgesic properties that suggest its therapeutic potential - increasing transdermal absorption and as an effective antimicrobial agent. 

Research has also shown Myrcene has powerful anti-catabolic effects in a human model of osteoarthritis. It has also shown to have protective effects against induced genotoxicity in human cells and has antimutagenic effects as well.

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Myrcene (Terpene)