*Also Called; Polyacrylic Acid

Cosmetic / Ingestion Purposes:

Viscosity Controlling, Emulsion Stabilization, Gel Forming

Ingredient Analysis

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What does it do? What is it used for? Read further to learn how KOLAS Hemp uses this ingredient to compliment our CBD Hemp products.

in simple terms,

Carbomer is a term used for polymers primarily made from acrylic acid. They are fully white powders frequently used as gels in cosmetics & skin care.


How safe is 


Carbomer rated a 1 of 10. This ingredient is considered low hazard and SAFE! KOLAS Hemp only uses All-Natural ingredients in the formulation of our CBD Hemp products.

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Let's dive a little deeper...

Carbomers are synthetically manufactured skincare ingredients purposed mainly to produce gel-like formulations. They also impact a product’s texture and consistency by having a thickening/viscosity-controlling effect. Research shows that carbomer gel formulations may improve skin permeation and retention of key active ingredients.

Carbomers are used in a broad spectrum of beauty products beyond skincare, including hair products and makeup items.

The Cosmetic Ingredient Review Expert Panel recently re-reviewed carbomer’s safeness. It reassured that concentrations up to 15% are safe as personal care products use. As a raw material, carbomers come in the form of light, fluffy, white powders. 

Note: Large quantities of carbomers in a gel may cause the product balling or wadding up of cosmetic products on skin, but this phenomenon hinges on other formulary actions carried to minimize this effect.

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