Apple Peptides

*Also Called: Apple Polypeptides

Cosmetic / Ingestion Purposes:

Skin Conditioning, Emollient

Ingredient Analysis

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Apple Peptides

What does it do? What is it used for? Read further to learn how KOLAS Hemp uses this ingredient to compliment our CBD Hemp products.

in simple terms,

Apple peptides contain compounds to help rejuvenate and repair skin cells. Not to be confused with apple stem cells

Apple Peptides

How safe is 

Apple Peptides

Apple Peptides rated a 1 of 10. This ingredient is considered low hazard and SAFE! KOLAS Hemp only uses All-Natural ingredients in the formulation of our CBD Hemp products.

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Let's dive a little deeper...

Apples are a natural carrier of salicylic acid, one of the most promising anti-inflammatory exfoliators. Nearly every skin type can benefit from its power to restore skin and remove dead, dimming skin cells, which is why we added it to our Kolas Hemp Serum.

Apples contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids, which promote natural exfoliation—resulting in more radiant, youthful-looking skin. Apple peptides can assist with dulling skin, acne, uneven skin tone, and more! As a bonus, you’ll also find polyphenols (mighty antioxidants that can aid in the repair and protection of the skin) and vitamin C, skin care’s most prominent collagen and elastin booster! Discover some of our favorite apple-enriched products to add to your skincare regimen.

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Apple Peptides